Website Care Plan

Website Care Plan

Just like people take care of their cars, their houses and their own health, it is of utmost importance to also take care of your WordPress website. Throughout the year the WordPress software is updated and new features and patches are released for the plugins installed on your website.
It is best to do these updates as they come out instead of postponing them. But at the same time it is important to check what the patch addresses exactly and whether the changes will effect your website. As you can imagine this can become quite cumbersome to deal with yourself; especially when taking into account that it can happen that something breaks…
For our clients we have been offering the Website Care Plan for many years already, and now we are expanding our services to the rest of the world. Well the people with WordPress websites that is.

Feature Starter
Security Monitoring24/724/724/7
Uptime monitoring24/724/724/7
Files backup (Ex:Images)MonthlyWeeklyDaily
Database backupMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Software updateMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Content developement/updatex2hrs/M 4hrs/M
Security Scans
Malware Cleanup x
Site optimisation (Speed)
Email supportx
Priority email supportxx
Monthly Report

Initial Report

$90 initial fee is added to every plan, allowing us to perform a complete review of your site, implement and optimize speed and provide you with a set of recommendations to improve your website.

Let’s take care of your web site today!