Luke H.

I’ve worked with SysGear on many projects for all my website requirements – They have always been creative, responsive and willing to go the extra mile to ensure a high quality online presence for our company. I can’t recommend their services highly enough.



Robet Paul

Excellent work throughout; highly knowledgeable and committed to delivering the very best result




Catherine C.

The Project was delivered on time, We had some correction SysGear extended their support in all possible ways professionally. I will be assigning them my next project in the next few hours.



Alberto S.

SysGear always find solutions that are achievable and fulfil your brief, even if your timeframe is a little narrow. I needed a basic Squarespace site revamped in a hurry involving coding, SEO, and design work. Very clear estimating process right from the beginning, and got exactly what I was after. 5 stars all round, helpful, friendly, professional.




Tahar Aouane

Just wanted to say that we are VERY impressed with the work you did for us to customize our WP site for English/French! SysGear was absolutely more than we could have asked for! We had been looking (with increasing desperation) for some help in doing this & found the WPML software and a referral from your site. SysGear responded to us in the evening of our request on a Friday night and by Monday we had a functioning bilingual site using the WPML plugin!!!

In addition, SysGear provided extremely clear concise instructions and we’ve had the pleasure to work with them. Calm, professional and very good at what they do, we look forward to hiring them for future projects.



Stella-Désirée Bosch

The NGO Sreyka Smile Association approached us to assist them with solving some problems they were experiencing with WPML. The main problem was that the homepage was not working properly in the second language (English). After doing a quick assessment, it turned out that the theme was not internationalized, so we fixed that first. Then to get everything working properly we tweaked some settings here and there and by the time the client’s new day started there was a functional bilingual (French/English) website. Impressed by the speed the client then asked us for Websites to also take care of moving and customizing the language switcher and making more features of the site functional in the bilingual environment.



Emmanuel Teniode

I’ve hired SysGear for heir expertise for setting my directory listing website in French using the powerful-but-not-always-easy plugin WPML. I found them on the WPML website and did not know what to expect. After his first email I understood that they are definitely experts in this field: they solved all my problems one by one and made my site perfectly bilingual, making it completely accessible for my French audience.

However results are not his only quality: first of all, they worked in record times, and never took more than 24 hours to complete any task. This was brilliant because thanks to them WPML did not slow my agenda for releasing the website on time. I would definitely recommend SysGear for Websites to anybody who needs great results with WPML in a record time, I personally now trust them 100% and will not hesitate to hire them in the future.