Site assessment

Users expect your site to load instantly. If your page speed isn’t optimized, you could be losing viewers and potential customers.

No one likes a website that takes time to load – not users and surely, not Google or any other search engine. If you’re dependent on Google to bring traffic to your site, it’s extremely important that your website loads fast. Here’s how you can benefit from a fast loading WordPress website:

  • It’ll fetch a higher ranking in Google search results.
  • It increases your conversions.
  • Fast websites also translate into longer user engagement time.

Why is speed such a big deal for your WordPress website(and any other website)? Well, Google’s guiding principle while ranking websites is to direct visitors to websites that offer a great User Experience. And Google counts site loading speed as a major factor contributing to positive User Experience.

WordPress website may be slow for a number of reasons: its web hosting plan, its theme, plugins used, the content, the number of image files loaded, the size of these images…

You website could follow 95% of industry best practices and still be slow. Only a complete diagnostic may help identify all the issues and solve their root causes.

How can I speed up my WordPress site ?

Web Hosting Choice & Configuration

Without quality web hosting, having a fast website is almost impossible. First, we will validate the web hosting server’s performance level and whether it’s adequate. Then, we’ll ensure all software packages are up to date so that your site may reach it’s full potential.

Image Optimization

Images are byte heavy and occupy a large amount of space. Compressing images using compression tools improves site speed significantly.

Caching Strategy

Caching has a great impact on site speed. Recently called-up web pages are saved in a cache. These pages are served up faster when requested a second time, as all the site content don’t have to be loaded again from WordPress. We’ll use a WordPress caching plugin and fine tune it based on your Website and Hosting Needs.

Content Distribution

Content Delivery Networks ensure faster response by caching static content in alternate / additional servers in different places. They also offer protection against DDoS attacks and reduce bandwidth consumption on your primary server.

We will also conduct a deep optimization process to indentify all the components to make your site load faster, we will look at how to:

  • Combining CSS and JS
  • Removing query strings from static resources
  • Identify Slow Plugins
  • Remove any bad requests
  • Remove emoticons
  • Reduce total page size
  • Optimize for Mobile

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