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Google Ads is among the most profitable advertising platforms on the web and more and more companies have decided to invest in Google Ads, this is because search engines have become an essential step in the buying process of today’s consumer. We can help you to boost your SEO performance.

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The term SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is used more and more in the context of web marketing and paid campaigns to differentiate it from SEO which focuses on obtaining free visibility. “SEM” for everything “paid” and “SEO” for everything “free and organic”.

Google AdWords

SEM is focused more on your website’s reputation on search engines and much more on advertisements and paid ads with AdWords. SEM objective is to increase traffic on your website, whether it is free traffic (organic), or paid traffic (obtained by paid advertising campaigns including AdWords).

SEM for more leads

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns are becoming a must-have strategy because people who click on ads are 50% more likely to buy. With online ads, your business can reach and secure high-value buyers and prospects.

3 reasons why you should launch an SEM campaign

Invest in buying search engine advertising would be more beneficial for your business, and here are 3 reasons why

Customers look up and search for products before they make their decision to buy

Most consumers spend time on the web searching for products or services before making a decision to buy. With an SEM campaign, you ensure a very strong online presence and you will already be present when a potential customer conduct his or her search, you will maximize your conversion rates; the more your product and service is seen by an Internet user, the more likely it is to convert them into a customer.

Paid and quickly effective

Unlike a long-term strategy, an SEM campaign will allow you to gain immediate visibility which translates into increased direct traffic as well as your conversions. All SEM activities are chargeable but effective too. They allow you to adapt your budget and your search terms, you will easily have constant traffic!

Atteindre la bonne cible

Paid search allows you to easily reach your target whether it is local, regional or international. With a limited budget you can more easily market your products for a specific area. Paid search in a defined area will help achieve your goals.

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