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Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that lets you decide how your local business is displayed on Google products, such as Google Maps and Google Search. If you operate a business that serves customers in a specific location or if you serve customers in a specific service area, Google My Business can help consumers find you. Users are twice as likely to rate your business trustworthy if it is verified.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer. This person, who is three blocks from your establishment, is just looking for a product or service that you offer. She may even have seen your business sign before or heard about it from a friend. If she searches for your services on Google, what will she find? Your business presence on Google My Business can help consumers discover your products and services, connect with you, and find your location.

Statistics shows that 46% of all Google searches are local, and the GMB “three-pack” results appear in 93% of all local searches performed. If you want to improve your chances of appearing in local search results, a Google My Business listing is key.

Needs and importance of the Google My Business listing


A Google My Business (GMB) listing can help your business stand out in search results. It will showcase your business and ensure that people find your business whether online or offline. GMB listings will ensure that your business name is reflected in brand name searches, this guarantee of prominence does not apply to automatic “business type” results. A well-planned and informed GMB can help you get into the top three search results; it will be a great way to get people to your internet website or store.


Importance of local search

Google My Business (GMB) is primarily local search, it includes searches that prospects have done around your location or searches that are outside of the location, but the location name is mentioned in the search. For example, if a user searches for TV repair in the Laval area, they will search for TV repair and all repair companies in their area will be listed first. If a person in Laval wants a TV repair, he will type, TV repair Laval to get listings for the Laval region.


If your competition is already using GMB, chances are people will have a hard time finding your site in local searches. Your site will be less visible, and people will have to scroll a lot through the search results page to find your site. Having your own GMB list helps you compete with other companies on a common level. Statistics show that 46% of all Google searches are local, and the GMB “three-pack” results appear in 93% of all local searches performed. Your Google My Business has become a necessity.

Customers Confort

Google My Business Listings quickly provide vital information to searchers, helping them find the right business and decide whether to visit or buy. Customers can get important information such as store hours, maps and address to help them orientate themselves, all of these details increase the chances for searchers to visit your store.


Internet users are now used to seeing business profiles on search pages, seeing your listing in these top searches will give your business credibility. GMB ads look professional and deliver vital information to people. This helps them decide whether your business is credible or not. Customer reviews help get the right focus and the right credibility.

Free and easy to install

A Google My Business (GMB) ad has many possible benefits and is free. It is very easy to create and register your business on GMB lists. It’s a wonderful way to protect your online business and build a positive profile.

Know the customer

Once your Google My Business profile is set up, you will receive a monthly information email from Google, which will break down the performance of your local listing. It will provide key stats like how many people viewed your ad, how many clicks to visit your site, how many people called you directly from the ad information.

The success of local SEO

Successful local SEO and local business ranking requires a long list of essentials, such as producing good quality, locally optimized content and getting links to your site. But the best place to start is to optimize your Google My Business listing and start encouraging customers to post their reviews.

The Importance of Mobile Search

Local online search is usually done from smartphones or tablets. Mobile search now represents the maximum number of searches performed online for almost all major industries. Some common food and drink searches have a strong mobile search focus, which makes mobile search visibility extremely important. Google My Business (GMB) plays a crucial role as these listings dominate mobile search results.

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